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Published on December 6th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

New Consoles, Different Focus – Why the "Big Three" Will be Just Fine

If you’ve been to a gaming forum, site, or have even considered following the latest news in the “New-Gen” console wars (“Next-Gen” is out, didn’t you know?), you’ve no doubt seen each console’s comment section filled to the brim with fanboy-like comments running the gamut from “Console X will come out on top because…” to “Console Y IS TeH PWnz0rZ!11!” A large amount of both intelligent and fanboyish comments inevitably find their way to these comments, and each one claims that the console of their choice will win the console race, and why it’s better than it’s competitors.

Well, while commenting on these posts I finally realized that as much as these consoles have in common, they have just as much that they don’t share. Each console has a different focus in mind when it comes to their audience – but you’d never guess at first glance.

The “Big Three” aren’t going anywhere.

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Deejay has been a gamer since the Atari 2600, has wrestled–and defeated–alligators with only his toes, and once aligned all the planets in the Solar System by uttering the words "Coo Coo Ka-Choo". In his sleep. He currently bides his time behind the scenes here at GAMINGtruth.com, streaming at http://www.twitch.tv/deejayknight and teaching.

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