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Published on November 28th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Shadowrun Beta Signups: Get In While You Can!

If you want a chance to get into the Shadowrun Multiplayer Beta, starting in December, you might want to sign up for it ASAP. As always, space is limited!

Major Nelson had this to say about the beta:

The fine folks over at FASA Studios have just opened up a public beta for ‘Shadowrun’ and they asked me to spread the word. This is for the Xbox 360 version, and since it is a Multiplayer Beta you will need to be a Gold member subscriber to participate.

Here’s the description of Shadowrun for those who don’t know:

Shadowrun is a team based FPS title for both Xbox 360 and Vista. Up to 16 players battle as members of either RNA Global or the Lineage, using a variety of weapons, technology and magic in combat. Players can be one of four races, each with differing abilities and combat niches.

Now that you know, try it out: Sign up for the Shadowrun Beta ! I’ve already signed up, and probably won’t get in due to the masses of people that are going to sign up, but who knows!

If you get in, you probably won’t be able to talk about it anyways – but then again, they’ll have to provide Gamertags if they don’t want everyone to know…

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