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Published on November 26th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Resistance: FoM fits on a single DVD?

According to some of the users on Beyond3D forums, it does. User “Mmmkay” points out the vitals on the size of the game’s contents while critiquing a similar post on Joystiq.

Not only have they misreported the GAF thread, they also ignored Ted Prices more recent comments about Resistance shipping at around 16GB. If youre not interested in learning what the actual disc usage is, please look away now:

The numbers associated with each file are the LBA index, each LBA has a block size = 2kb. Determining the difference between one LBA index with the next indicates the number of blocks a given file occupies. This means that:

Padding file size = 32MB.
Total padding = 1.9GB.
Total FMV = 7GB.
Audio = 2.24GB. 605MB for music and English language only
Game Assets = 6.12GB.

Well, that solves part of the mystery. Apparently, the mass of content combines all regions into one disc, making it useless to press more than one multi-region disc. The agument, though, is based on whether or not the disc could’ve been pressed on a DVD-9 and whether or not Blu-Ray is justified in the PS3. Whether or not it is neeeded remains to be seen, but i’m sure pressing one disc for multiple regions saves them on their BR disc costs.

Resistance: FOM fits on a standard DVD – [Beyond3D Forum]

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