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Published on November 15th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Ken Kutaragi Interviewed about PS3

Ken Kutaragi was recently interviewed about the PlayStation 3 (surprise, surprise), and what he says could startle you a bit. Here are some of the questions:

Question: Why did you need Blu-ray HD drives for this?
Answer: Everyone will soon have elegant flat displays for HD content—PS3 and the high-definition movie media. The Blu-ray has 50-gigabyte capacity, and many studios and other DVD makers are now supporting Blu-ray format.

Question: Are you worried about the high cost of PS3 of $500 and $600?
Answer: I don’t think so, because the PS2 was originally $299 in the United States. But the hard-disk drive was another $200. So the total price was almost equal to PS3’s initial pricing.

Question: Do you envision people using PS3 as a home-media server, like a giant TiVo for people’s movies, TV shows, music and personal content?
Answer: Yes. Maybe in the near future, either from Sony or maybe from third parties, we will release a network storage system that contains multi-terabyte capacity.

Question: What’s the best way to get a PS3 if you’re not on the list?
Answer: The best way is waiting, but maybe you have some lucky friend who can get the PlayStation 3. So please visit your friend’s home to share and enjoy future entertainment.

I don’t know about anyone else, but Ken K. could answer questions all day and not make an ounce of difference in my view of the PS3. There were lost of unfulfilled promises involved with the PS2, so like the old saying goes: The proof is in the pudding. Not to mention the slight problems that could mar support.

First off, HDTVs aren’t exactly that entrenched in homes just yet. Of course, adoption will rise once the broadcast signal goes digital in 2009, but as of yet, they’re still a small part of the market. Technically, it’s forward-thinking for the next 5 years, and for that I can’t knock him, but the price of the console is way out of the mass market. As for the network storage system, i’ll hold off judgement until I see something concrete.

And you have to laugh at his final answer. Woulnd’t visiting a friend’s house kill the purpose of getting your own? With the price of the console that high, i’m sure that’s what a lot of gamers will be doing – while playing on their Wii60s.

PlayStation creator Ken Kutaragi interviewed about the PS3’s present and future [via videogamesblogger]

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