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Published on November 13th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Secrets of the Wii Manual

Want to know a bit about how the Wii that you won’t hear Nintendo bragging about? This is the place to find out a couple important features that they might have forgotten to add to their latest press release.

  • “Up to 100 Miis can stay in your Mii Plaza.” pg. 11
  • “NOTE: Some Virtual Console games can only be played with a Classic Controller. sold separately” pg. 25
  • “Software downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel is licensed to you, not sold” pg. 25
  • “If you use the messaging features of the Wii console, you need to understand that Nintendo may monitor your use and share certain information i as required by law, ii where necessary to protect the company, its customers or its employees, iii as necessary to provide the services. [Big Brother is watching -Ed.]” pg. 47
  • By formatting the Wii Shop Channel from the Wiis system menu, you clear all “records of your transactions and rights to download software.” pg. 61
  • “NOTE: You should format your Wii Shop Channel data first, then your Wii System Memory, prior to selling or otherwise transferring your Wii console to any third party.” pg. 61
  • “NOTE: Adjusting the speaker and Rumble settings will affect all Wii remotes currently connected to the Wii console. [I hope everyone likes the same settings. -Ed.]” pg. 63

So basically, you need to get the $20 Classic Controller to play some of the Virtual Console games, they’ll rat on you if you send illegal messages, they don’t store your personal downloads internally, and everyone has to have the same controller settings… Not exactly optimal, but it’s not a bad thing either.

Don’t send illegal messages and invest a bit more into your console – those rules shouldn’t be hard to follow!

Wii console manual reveals its secrets – Joystiq

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