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Published on November 10th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Xbox 360 to see Brazilian Launch Next Month

FIFA Soccer 07

You heard it right – Microsoft’s console is set to release in Brazil next month for a whopping $1399 (hopefully that’s in Reais – Brazil’s currency). Supposedly, the reason for the high price lies with Brazilian tax laws, but this is a bold initiative from MS, due to the fact that neither Sony or Nintendo has launched there as of yet.

Some additional facts regarding games and the world’s 5th most populated country:
* Games will cost $79 (R$169)
* Analysts believe the 360 can sell 11 million units in Brazil (tall order)
* Brazil ranked 15 in the world for console sales
* Microsoft will spend twice as much on publicity in Brazil as it did for its Mexico 360 launch

This is a smart move on their part, because not only do they get first-mover’s advantage, they’ll very probably get a lot of brand recognition for being the first console to launch “officially” in the region.

Since Fifa 07 seems like a shoe-in (really, why wouldn’t they launch Fifa with the console? That’d be nuts), inquiring minds want to know: Will there be a localized version of Gears of War in Brazil?

Microsoft to launch Xbox 360 in Brazil next month [via Joystiq]

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