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Published on November 6th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Lost Planet Collector's Edition is

Lost Planet, which gamers have been drooling over since E3, is launching with regular and Collector’s Editions (which seems like the norm nowadays), but the CE looks to have a large amount of extras…

– One exclusive bonus multiplayer map that will only be available in the Collectors Edition until summer 2007.
– Custom designed exclusive cover art, for collectors edition only.
– Premium packaging in a sleek SteelBook metal case.
– Exclusive art book with concept sketches from all stages of development including character renders, VS renders and enemy art.
– Soundtrack of select songs from the game.
– Fan kit assets for gamers to create their own Lost Planet websites.
– Action packed videos and trailers.
– Wallpapers, AIM icons, board icons and signature banners.
– Digital art files including screens, character art and environment shots.

That sounds like what a Collector’s Edition should be – as far as the maps go. The only possible problem I see there is waiting six months to release them to the rest of the gamers, but the redeeming factor is that they’re free when they release to the public. Sounds good to me!
Lost Planet Icy Hot Collectors Edition [via Kotaku]

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