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Published on October 27th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Halo 3 Info and Multiplayer Pictures!

Oh dear… It seems a swedish magazine was given the chance to hang out with Bungie and play a bit of Halo 3’s multiplayer. As much as I envy them for that fact alone, they also came away with some serious new info on Halo 3’s weapons, vehicles, and even the contents of the Collector’s Edition! The details are as follows:Weapons

  • Spiker – a new Brute weapon
  • Spartan Laser – a laser that tears vehicles apart
  • Nail Grenade – sticks into walls, sends nails everywhere


  • Mongoose – the ATV that was cut from Halo 2; seats two, but no weapons; designed for recon

New Feature

  • “Man Cannon” – what it sounds like; launches you into the air (think: jump pads from Unreal, Quake Arena)


  • Bumpers are used to reload the right and left weapons independently
  • X-button has a “secret” function


  • Secondary weapon is now visible when not in use (slung over shoulder)

Collector’s Edition

  • “Legendary Edition” – box is a replica of Master Chief’s helmet, includes 4-disc set:
    • Disc one: game
    • Disc two: documentaries and developer commentary
    • Disc three: spin-off material (Red vs. Blue, Spark of Life, etc.)
    • Disc four: all cut scenes from Halo 1-3 in HD
    • Bonus: sneak peek of Halo movie will be included on one of the discs

    Halo 3 Multiplayer [via SquadXP]

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