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Published on October 24th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Sony Lawsuits put Lik-Sang Out of Business

If you visit today, you’ll find a bolded news release on their front page. You’ll also find the same news release if you try to order any product. The reason behind this is that multiple lawsuits from Sony have essentially shut them down. Simply put, they can’t afford the lawsuits, so they’re closing their doors.

Oddly enough, the Press Release issued posts many head honchos in Sony Europe as having placed orders through the importer. Pretty weird, considering a few of the lawsuits filed were due to importing in countries such as Europe:

The list of PSP related Sony Europe orders reads like the whos who of the videogames industry, and includes Ray Maguire Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd, Alan Duncan UK Marketing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd, Chris Sorrell Creative Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Ltd, Rob Parkin Development Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited, just to name a few.

You’d think that Sony would send it’s own people hardware, or at least give them the chance to get them before the general public, considering the purchases started just two days after the Japan release of the hardware.

This is a sad day for importers everywhere.

Important Notice: Out of Business due to Multiple Sony Lawsuits

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