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Published on October 17th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

No Gears of War demo for Xbox 360?

Recently, there was a fairly large controversy related to Gears of War and due to a Gears of War demo image placed next to “pay for” content such as XBLA games. Trying to correct the error before it was blown out of proportion, Epic’s Mark Rein replied to a thread based on the topic in the Gears forums.

Just saw the dog tag image with the “Microsoft points”. It just isnt true. There is no demo coming out before the game ships and I have no idea if well do one after the game ships or not. Right now there are no plans to do one as I said earlier in this thread. I have asked Microsoft to take that image down.

So this confirms that there most likely won’t be a demo before Gears’ release date. Hopefully one comes out soon after the massively-hyped game’s release. I won’t need it though – i’ll have the full version on release day!

Rein: For Real, No Gears of War Demo news from

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