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Published on October 17th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Doug Lombardi Interviewed About Xbox 360 Source

Valve’s Doug Lombardi answers questions about the possibility of mods showing up via the Source engine on the Xbox 360.

Could a modder make something with the end-user Source and then, because of this announcement, would it be technically trivial to port it to the Xbox 360? (I’m overlooking licensing and publishing issues with this question.)

That’s the idea. Obviously a MOD could have issues that need rethinking (like mouse-centric user interface not being as useful on the 360), but the same Source Engine features are available on the 360.

Start gearing up now, because i’m sure that user-created mods are only a short time away. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Valve release chapters of user-created mods on discs for small games, or have them published by EA.

My personal bet lies with multiple games on a disc, and Xbox Live multiplayer according to the game. Modders: Start your engines!

Doug Lombardi interviewed about Xbox 360 Source Joystiq

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