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Published on October 13th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

PS3 Online Just Supported by Xfire


Just when I was hoping to get some good news about the PS3, I had to read this. It turns out that Sony’s Playstation Network Platform and Xfire are going to be separate parts of the Sony’s online strategy. The following excerpt was taken from a Microsoft employee’s blog:

Aside from Xfire being so popular and increasingly established, why is Sony Computer Entertainment going outside to provide online community features for PS3 games?
Xfire is not replacing SCE’s Playstation Network Platform at all. They have their own network platform that they will describe and roll out. What we’re doing is complementary. Sony itself was interested in working with us because we have such a large PC community and since so many PC gamers also play console games—I think for us, 74 percent of our 5 million users play console games too—they use it as a nice segue to reach into the gamers of the PC world who already have PC Xfire accounts.

…I think what we’re doing is providing some features and what they’re doing is providing some features that we don’t do at all. We don’t do paid digital downloads and we don’t do a lot of things like that. There are also some publishers that have no interest in the Xfire solution, which is fine. But there are some publishers that are like, “Great. We want to plug into the 5 million-user Xfire community.” We will work with Sonys Playstation Network Platform…

I may be alone in this, but I was hoping their online strategy involved an Xbox Live-killer. I’m aware that it’s impossible for Sony to do, considering Microsoft is the world’s largest OS supplier and software developer, but for the price of the PS3 a man can hope! Let’s just file this one under “D’uh”. Maybe next time around, Sony will make online gaming more of a priority.
Source: Ozymandias

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