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Published on October 10th, 2006 | by Deejay Knight, Editor/Founder

Superman Returns Community Day


With a trip like this one, where do I even start? This past weekend had to be one of the most fun-filled i’ve ever had, and that says a LOT. I was fortunate enough to be involved in EA’s Community Day for Superman Returns, and I had a helluva time. Since I forgot my camera, i’ll be using imagery from everyone else’s vaults :).

Day One


Thursday was the first day of the trio, but it started out with flying colors. I left work around 7:30pm and headed downtown to meet everyone (being lost and behind everyone else? Bad idea). Luckily, Mike “Coola” Halford from Xbox 365 took my order before I got there. After fumbling around and looking for the right crowd, I found myself at a dual-table setup of gamers and a couple EA reps who seemed eager to have one more at the table.

Dinner was great! We talked about games pretty much the entire time – which is something I love to do, but rarely get to partake in the action. During the meal, I was hit with a critical question: Name the best three games of the last three months. Needless to say, my three were Dead Rising for doing new things with the Open World genre, Saint’s Row for extending multiplayer into the mix (even with the laggy online play), and Uno for it’s ability to bring in non-gamers. I even tossed in New Super Mario Bros. simply because EVERYONE who touches a controller has heard of Mario. If you haven’t, introduce yourself. You’ll be better for it :).

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